Foundation Repair and House Leveling Experts in Winona and Beyond

As a family-owned and operated Christian company, Risen Home Leveling stands as a beacon of integrity and reliability in providing exceptional foundation repair, house leveling, and mobile home transportation services. Our extensive experience spans over a decade, serving Winona, Tyler, and the extended communities within a 90-minute radius in East Texas. Our commitment goes beyond mere repairs; it’s about offering unwavering support and ensuring your peace of mind throughout the restoration process.

Founders’ Dedication to Excellence

Jesse and Angel Reynolds, the founders of Risen Home Leveling, embarked on this journey a decade ago with an unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled service and exemplary workmanship. What initially began as a small-scale venture quickly evolved into a thriving enterprise driven by our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Over the years, our team has expanded, but our core principles of integrity and quality remain steadfast.

Prioritizing Your Peace of Mind

Understanding the stress and concern that come with foundation issues, we make it our mission not only to rectify these issues but also to provide you with peace of mind. Our customer-centric approach revolves around open and transparent communication. From diagnosing foundation concerns to outlining our repair strategies, we ensure that you’re well-informed and actively involved in the entire process.

Our Guiding Principles in Practice


Effective communication is the bedrock of our services. We prioritize keeping you informed at every stage of our operations, ensuring transparency, and addressing any queries or apprehensions you may have.


Punctuality and reliability are our hallmarks. When appointments are made, we arrive promptly and prepared to fulfill our commitments, ensuring that your repair needs are met with utmost efficiency.


Our unwavering commitment to quality is non-negotiable. We dedicate ample time and effort to ensure that each job is completed meticulously, emphasizing precision and thoroughness in every repair.

Customer Service

Our dedication to our customers extends beyond mere repairs. We are committed to educating and guiding homeowners, offering insights to prevent future issues and ensuring their long-term satisfaction.

Setting the Bar Higher

Our unique approach sets us apart in the realm of foundation repair and house leveling. At Risen Home Leveling, we’ve adopted an innovative water level system that operates underneath your house, ensuring unparalleled precision and accuracy during the leveling process. This cutting-edge technology allows us to attain an exact and meticulous leveling outcome, leaving no room for error or approximation.

Furthermore, what distinguishes us from the competition is our commitment to hands-on quality assurance. Unlike other companies, one of the owners of Risen Home Leveling is actively present on-site, overseeing and supervising operations personally. This hands-on approach guarantees that each step of the repair or leveling process is executed to perfection, meeting the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

At the core of our ethos lies transparency. We firmly believe in maintaining clear and transparent communication with our clients, ensuring that they are well-informed throughout the entire project journey. This transparency extends to our pricing structure, where we avoid hidden fees or surprise charges. We provide upfront and honest pricing, reflecting our dedication to integrity and fairness in all our dealings.

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For those seeking reliable solutions for their foundation repair, house leveling, or mobile home transportation needs in Winona, Tyler, and the adjacent regions of East Texas, Risen Home Leveling stands as your steadfast partner. Our unwavering commitment revolves around ensuring the enduring stability and structural integrity of your cherished abode. We undertake each project with a meticulous approach and a dedicated focus on delivering exceptional results that stand the test of time.

At Risen Home Leveling, our pledge goes beyond merely executing repair or transportation services. We believe in establishing a trustworthy relationship with our clients, assuring them of our steadfast support and reliability throughout every step of the process. It’s not just about fixing an issue; it’s about partnering with you to safeguard the very foundation of your home. Contact us today to see if our services are right for you!

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