House Leveling and Foundation Repairs

Risen Home Leveling provides house leveling and pier & beam foundation repairs in Tyler, Texas, and surrounding areas in East Texas. We believe that by providing transparency and open communication, we can not only help repair your home but help you identify problems in the future. Contact us today for a consultation.

Dedicated To Transparency

Most homeowners don’t think about their home’s foundation unless they’ve encountered a problem. Even then, foundation problems are hard to diagnose if you aren’t a professional. A lot of things can cause doors and windows to stick open or closed, for instance. Your best bet is to get a consultation with a foundation repair specialist.

What separates Risen Home Leveling from the rest of the house leveling contractors is our dedication to communication through the consultation and repairs process. We begin every consultation with a thorough examination of your home’s foundation and take pictures of what we find.

We’ll sit down with you and go over what we found with you, what repairs you need, what caused your foundation problem, and how we’ll repair the damage. We’ll even advise you if the repairs can wait or if they should be done immediately.

If you’re noticing some of the telltale signs of foundation damage, contact Risen Home Leveling today. We’ll give you peace of mind to go along with a solid foundation.

House Leveling In The Tyler Area

Risen Home Leveling specializes in pier & beam house leveling. Pier & beam homes are really common in East Texas. If your home has a crawlspace, then you have a pier & beam foundation. They’re a lot more solid than concrete slab foundations– especially in Texas. That doesn’t mean they don’t need repairs, though.

In some instances, a home may have a rotted beam that creates a dip in the floor. Oftentimes, replacing that beam and its supports will level your home. The benefit of treating these problems early is that in a lot of cases a single problem area can cascade into multiple problems throughout your home.

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Over time, your home’s beams may begin to sag. This is especially common in older homes. You may notice doors and windows sticking or cracks beginning to form on walls. This is a sign that your home needs to be leveled and repaired.

If you think your pier & beam home may need to be leveled, don’t wait or try to diagnose them yourself. Contact us today and we’ll have someone out there to take a look and explain what’s going on.

Pier & Beam Foundation Repairs In East Texas

Pier & beam foundations are mostly found on older homes, though some newer wood frame homes will have a pier & beam system. They’re made up of concrete blocks–the piers–which hold up the wooden beams of your home.

There are two problem areas that crop up in these types of foundations. Either the concrete pier gets damaged and needs to be fixed or replaced, or the wooden beams rot out and need replacement. In either case, you may notice floors that slope, or windows and doors that won’t open or close fully.

Whether you have a damaged pier or beam, Risen Home Leveling will be able to repair your foundation and ensure that your home is level. We can also help you understand how to maintain your home’s pier & beam foundation and provide tips on keeping moisture–and termites–out of your crawl space.

Woodframe Repair Services

If you own a wood-frame home, it can begin to sag as it ages. If moisture gets into the wood and it rots, the home can become unlevel. In addition to repairing piers and beams, we are also qualified to fix the wood foundation of your home.

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Get Started Today

If you think your pier & beam home or wood-frame home may have a foundation problem, contact Risen Home Leveling today. We’ll send one of our technicians out to look at your home and diagnose any problems you may have.